The Eunpwhas Cluster

Episode I
"I'm getting the band back together."

Enric Malok, the current Naug, was informed by Rakdos that former crew members of the Andren and its fleet had been disappearing. He called together his old crew mates to meet at Grey Haven, where Lorenya had last been seen.

Meeting at the local restaurant Dyson’s, Enric, Krath, and Alond discussed the disappearances while waiting for the arrival of former fellow crew member Barry McTague and his crew. Enric was presented with a letter. Though noted as from Rakdos, he quickly deduced that his old friend was not the sender and carefully stowed it away, unopened.

With still no word from Barry, the group proceeded to take a rev-ship taxi over to Doc Sparrow’s private research facility, Concave. On the way they witnessed the distant explosion of the nearby security station where Barry was supposed to be undergoing a security check. As news hit the channels, Alond found some footage from the station showing what appeared to be a Halphenean placing an explosive on one of the ships in the dock.

Upon arrival, Doc Sparrow and his new AI companion SaRA greeted the group. After being shown the unopened not-actually-from-Rakdos letter, the Doc had SaRA whisk it away to be scanned while he showed them the interface and control improvements he’d made to their old Halphenean destroyer, SID. Once the tests were finished, the Doc showed the group that the letter in fact contained a small projection-image message with a large, shadowy, long-coated figure holding Rakdos hostage and listing off coordinates.

The group took off toward the coordinates in a rev-ship belonging to the Doc, finding a small, hidden asteroid base in the middle of a communications dead zone. They were ushered into the dock silently and once inside, the rev-ship was immediately detained. An attempt was made to detain the crew as well, but it was no no avail. They immediately fought back, leaving the the Bulrathi thugs dead, unconscious, or braindead on their way in. After shutting off the previously triggered alarm, the long-coated figure from the message approached them with another group of thugs. Krath fired a large explosive into the group and decimated them. The long-coated figure stood unharmed though, having used one of his men as a shield. Alond and Elric quickly joined in the attack though, and the guy fled toward the other rev-ship in the dock. Krath quickly closed the inner airlock and opened the outer one, causing the thug boss to be sucked out into space.

They found instructions from an unknown source in the meeting room directing the gang to kidnap and deliver Rakdos and then lure the other crew members out to be ambushed. There was no Rakdos to be found.

On their way back, they received a message from the Doc informing them that Halphenean ships were attacking Concave and that more were on their way. After maneuvering their way back in past the Halphenean ships, they launched SID, escaping the approaching fleet via flicker drive. As they escaped, the Doc opened a video com and revealed that he had stolen a Whelken gate and was going to activate it to escape. Just before they flickered away, they saw a large distortion in space expand and engulf Concave and the few nearby Halphenean ships and then disappear.

Soon We Shall Play
Not today, but soon...

Probably next Sunday, I hope.

Are you ready?

Character Creation

Sure, it took a few sessions, but we finally finished making our characters!

They’re under the characters header.

First actual play session next week!

Session 2: Microscope

During this session we played a game of Microscope to set up our cluster’s history. Here are the highlights:

-Halphen is connected to the cluster by the FWS. The Nilicians fight the Bulrathi over access to the massive amounts of heavy water there.
-The Selenians convert to the Way after their environmental crash and join the Nilicians to start the Coalition and fight the Bulrathi.
-The Bulrathi weaponize Thread and destroy their home world, Ubiquo.
-The Age of Equilibrium follows. The now ravaged Bulrathi send out the Scavengers to collect resources for them.
-The Bulrathi are at it again! They attack everyone. The Coalition fights back.
-The Metamorphosis happens and the Halpeneans become space angels. It is revealed that they have access to exceptional FWS biotech and will do anything to stop the cluster from destroying itself.
-The Bulrathi and the Coalition make “peace” by fighting each other with autonomous robot fighters. The Halpheneans get sick of the destruction that this causes and destroy the production facilities.
-The Bulrathi join the Coalition and take up their own version of the Way. The Coalition decide to go after the Halpheneans. The Halpheneans split for unknown reasons.
-The Coalition discovers some FWS tech, gives the Whelkens psionic powers, try to make a gate, and blow up a large chunk of the Whelker system.
-People start vanishing in a great event known as the Vanishing. Other weird shit also happens.
-The destruction of Whelker results in FWS nanobots getting ticked or something and using Scavengers and peace era robots to start preparing the cluster for the eminent return of the FWS. They are also the reason for the Vanishing.

Next session we will make characters. Links to future wiki entries may or may not be put in later.

Session 1: Cluster Generation

We went over some general setting stuff, like reaction mass being heavy water and there being aliens. Lots of aliens actually. In fact, every race that has been explicitly identified is in some way drastically different from normal humans, save the Bulrathi. There are currently eight explicit races (2 are only implicit currently).

We didn’t have time for Microscope, but that’s not all bad, because that means Zane will be able to join in.

This will be an intriguing game.


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