A 2 billion year old Halpenean "xeno-psychologist".


-Extremely long-lived
-Sensitive to others
-Poker faced


1) Alond was born in the FWS vats (location unknown) and transported to Halphen with the third wave during the second stage of construction. He was educated using a telepathic imprinting process that was perfected on the first two waves of Halpheneans. The FWS leave psychic imprints on their tech and other important objects so that imprintable species (like the FWS and Halpheneans) can learn things from them instantly. Two billion years passed in this way, with Alond wandering around the vastness of Halphen, collecting vast stores of knowledge. Then Halphen was connected to the rest of the cluster.

2) Due to a sensitivity and general interest in other species, Alond was “chosen” to deal with the Nilician occupation. Over the next several centuries Alond manipulated the Nilicians into a more mutually beneficial relationship with the Halpheneans. It is hard for other species to tell larval Halpheneans apart and it is almost impossible to track a single creature through the gigantic space occupied by Halphen. Alond used these things to his advantage along with the fact that the Halpheneans are viewed at this point in history as nearly sub-sentient to manipulate the Nilicians’ entire culture, seeding various things into the Way such as special protections for the Halpheneans. Then the Metamorphosis happened.


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