Enric Malok


1. Enric was born in Nilic to a single mother. His father died before he was born. Enric like all Nilicians was raised with “the way”. He was a very smart kid that excelled in school to the point that he thought it was useless. In his teenage years he grew rebellious and started to doubt “the way” but never told anyone of the doubt under penalty of death. He also began working in shipping docks learning how to repair ships and how the shipping business works. Some of the guys he worked with would do races called bod racing and he took to it like a fish to water. He would race and modify these small ships for money against other teams. This activity was illegal which lead to meeting some unsavory individuals that lead to interesting opportunities.

Aspects: Mechanically Inclined and Rebellious

2. His ability to modify and pilot ships and his new friends put him into smuggling anti “way” propaganda within the system. Stealth and good piloting was key when dealing with this stuff because getting caught was a death sentence. One day on an outing they thought they were about to get caught by the Nilician government, it turned out to be his teacher and adopted father, Naug. He looked up to Naug and Naug saw something in him. Naug quickly took him under his wing and taught him all about smuggling, piloting, and slip stream travel.

Aspects: Persuasive with authority and Stealth piloting.

3. After years of smuggling and traveling with Naug, Enric grew very close to him. Enric also learned about Naug and his infamous name. Naug is a very well know in legend as a pirate smuggler that has been around for hundreds of years old. When people need things smuggled they go to him no questions asked. Naug is not concerned about legality just money. One day they took a job to give a guy (squid) a ride out of Selinia, apparently he made some enemies there but Naug being Naug didn’t ask questions just how much did it pay. The passenger’s name was Krath. Not much was known about him. On the way out of Selinia there was a checkpoint the government set up, Krath hid and Naug did the talking. The guard told Naug that there was no trouble and all they needed to do was a scan of the ship. Naug saw the scanner and noticed it was not a life form scanner and agreed to the scan. They did the scan and found Krath to everyones surprise. Naug received a message from the guard that they were going to board the ship because they had an illegal passenger aboard the ship. Naug panicked and was very confused how they found him without a life form scanner. Naug decides to try and escape but the government is ready to take action and shoots the ship and damages it severely fatally injuring Naug in the process. Enric, Krath, Alond, and other crew members were in another part of the ship and had no idea what was going on. Enric rushed to the cockpit to find Naug dying. Naug with his last breath informed Enric he was not the first Naug and that now he must take the mask and name of Naug and live out the legacy. Enric proudly accepted and said good bye to his best friend and father. Krath informed Enric that Alond and the crew was waiting form them in a smaller ship that they had attached to the bigger cargo ship in case of emergencies and that it was time to go. Enric and Krath boarded the ship (C.I.D.) and narrowly escaped with the help of the flicker drive.

Aspects: Smuggler and The name, infamy and mask of Naug

4. Alond, the navigator/computer tech of the ship was a Halphenean and a good friend of Naug and the crew. I never understood why Naug kept him on the ship, seeing how rumor has it that the Halpheneans can’t be trusted, but Naug trusted him and he had been with the crew for so long that I didn’t question it too much. Alond was an inquisitive one always wanting to learn all he could about everyones culture and beliefs. One day on our way to deliver food to Memni Alond informed us that 3 Halpheneas were coming to destroy us. Instead of giving us up he saved us and sacrificed a stage of his life. It was the most amazing thing I had ever seen. After the whole ordeal I never doubted him, I owed him my life…

Aspects: Very trusting of Alond and Nilician

5. After the split of the crew, Naug/Enric went into hiding in the jungles of Memni. Memni has been a place that Enric has know for a long time so the people had no problem with him hiding there. He stayed outside of a small town called Balmor where he would come into town to preform repairs to farm equipment to earn a small living. Enric would hunt the jungles for game using energy weapons he would build. Life went on like that for some time. One day he had to travel to the big city for some parts he needed to repair one of his energy weapons. After procuring the goods he went to grab a bite to eat. While he was at the restaurant he over heard a familiar voice he had not heard in a long time. It was Rakdos an old crew member that was also in hiding. Enric knew he shouldn’t say hi because he could comprise both their cover, and who knows maybe Rakdos was looking for him to betray him, but out of loneliness he did it anyway. Rakdos was so happy to see Enric but was also very paranoid. Rakdos told Enric that old crew members were being eliminated one by one and that he thought he was next. Enric couldn’t calm Rakdos down and offered that he could stay with him and that they would be safe but Rakdos grew more paranoid and frantic. Rakdos said it was not safe here or anywhere that “they” were after him and he had to keep moving to elude them. Rakdos completely frantic and paranoid ran from Enric and disappeared into a crowd of people. Enric knew that he had to contact the crew and get to the bottom of this.

Aspects: Former Andren exploits and Hunter/ Mountain Man


Enric Malok

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