Whelkin Soldier


Growing up- Krath Grew up on the home world of Whelker. He is a first generation Psychic shock trooper, born and raised to become a super soldier of “The Way” Nilicians, Bulrathi, and Selenians. He grew up having a harsh childhood mastering his abilities and training everyday. He was never given a reason for why he was fighting, just that he should strive to become the best.
*Military culture
*Hardened Moral

Career Path- Krath became the veteran of several brutal battles using his psychic abilities. He also was given training in the operation of ship weapons. His great skill was recognized when he was promoted to become one of the “Grand Hammers” an elite squad of Whelkin psychic soldiers.
*Soldier Elite
*Military ship gun experience

Moment of crisis-Lorenya-During his service with the Grand Hammers, Krath was ordered to destroy a town of civilians that refused to convert to “The Way”. When Krath refused his orders, the rest of the Grand Hammers destroyed the town, and killed everyone in it. Krath had refused a direct order and was brought up on disciplinary charges. However, Krath abandoned his post after hiring Lorenya to transport him quickly away from the rest of the Grand Hammers. Upon learning that Krath had gone AWOL, the Grand Hammers ordered Krath to be brought in, dead or alive.
*On the run

Zane to my left-Cid- Cid’s conflict from Krath’s perspective.
Now Tommy’s crisis from Krath’s perspective.
Krath first met Content Not Found: enric when Krath and Lorenya arrived on Naug’s ship. After ariving Krath was pleased to learn that Naug’s ship would be quickly leaving the system and didn’t ask questions about the newest passenger. Krath knew that Naug wouldn’t let a checkpoint scann for passengers, so he thought the voyage would be quite and he could go on the lamb.
However even though Naug didn’t allow life scanners to scann his ship, he did allow the Selenians to do a routine pass scann of the ship. This proved deadly because unknown to Krath certain high ranking Welkinens can detect others, even between ships. Pyschicly reaching out to Krath another Welian used telepathy to tell him that he and all those associated with him are now marked for death. The Grand Hammers never forgive and never forget. They will burn every blade of grass you walk upon and persue you to the end of the universe.
Then the selenian ship attacked Naug’s ship starting fires and killing crew. Krath quickly ran to the cargo hold, and saw that the great captain Naug was not imortal as the legend goes, but simply passed his mask from one crew member to another. Enric was now Naug, but Krath had no time to morn he gathered the three survivors and got them on a ship in the cargo hold, and took off.

*Danger to everyone

5- The years in between, laying low. and what you did in response to the call.
After leaving Naug’s crew, and avoiding the grand hammer Krath decided to lay low on Ergo. Ergo is the most back ass part of the galaxy. The government’s extream isolationist attitude as prevented Ergo from advancing with the rest of the cluster. Incoming ships are treated with hostility until it can prove that it was a government sanctioned travel. This long standing policy has prevented many bulrwath from rading the ocean worlds of Ergo. Krath made his way to Ergo and started working for the central government, as a ship inspector. Though nobody knew of his true skills, a Wilkiean did put fear into ariving ships once Krath was aboard.
Krath used this experience to gain a knowledge of communication systems and Bulwrath technology.
After a routine inspection of a ship Krath receaves an encoded message from Enric. To get to Enric Krath was able to stowaway on a transport ship that failed to provide all the proper identification.

*former ???? exploits
*communication computer skills



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