The Way

The Way is a widespread philosophy that originated on Nilic. It is often considered a religion, but deities and worship are usually only found in smaller sects.

Some Common Pillars of The Way

The individual cannot live on by himself. Only The Oneness can continue, and only through The Oneness can an individual be preserved.

The Way is the only way to true salvation and preservation.

One should recognize the need to sacrifice for the greater good and eagerly submit to it.

Spreading The Way
Without The Way, people have no hope. Furthermore, those who oppose The Way stand in opposition to The Oneness. It is sometimes necessary to sacrifice another person’s freedom, will, and in some situations their life in order to align them with The Way.


The Way is often interpreted in many ways. For example, the Selenians focus heavily on sacrifice of will, while the Bulrathi often focus on the forcible alignment.

The Way

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